Why constitution DAO ($people coin) pumping

Constitution DAO doesn’t exists now, yes you heard it right – the DAO which create the $people token doesn’t exists anymore.

The DAO was created at 2021 with only one goal – to buy the constitution. The community has taken all actions that it was organized to accomplish: the raised capital, we bid at Sotheby’s, and upon losing, they made full refunds available to the community as promised.

But still the coin is pumping 🤔🤔

So recently a new DAO People DAO emerged, as per their Twitter handle, and Twitter handle the DAO is governed by the $people token.

The People DAO aims to act as a designer, funder, and supporter of DAOs and projects which advance Web3 and improve social good.

The price of the coin jumped when the people DAO bought 2.18Million people coin from the market. The raise of new DAO also brought back the dead coin alive !! The price has surged over a 100% on the exchanges.

Let’s see what happens next !!