Matic/Polygon coin surges 39% percentage in one day | Why the price is surging? Is it a buy now?

Matic Polygon price continues to rise in the last 24 hrs. The price which was around at $0.38435 has touched its all-time high $0.538.

Why the price surge?

Polygon’s recent price surge is because of the following reasons

  • Matic rebranded to Polygon to become the go-to aggregator for Ethereum network.
  • Multiple DeFi and NFT projects have decided to integrate with Polygon.
  • Polygon partnered with Aave to launch a liquidity mining program.

What is Matic/Polygon?

Matic (Now rebranded as polygon) is a Blockchain technology that brings massive scale to Ethereum using an adapted version of Plasma with PoS based side chains

Can I buy Now ?

Matics previous all time high was $0.54344 (As per Binance data). Since the price is now trading around this level a small correction is expected. Wait for the price to take a support level and then take a buy position.

Where to buy?

Coin can be bought from the below Exchanges

Sources to buy/Sell polygon/matic and other cryptos