Kamal Haasan set to launch his own metaverse avatar and to action NFT collectables | Where to buy Kamals NFTs?

Kamal Haasan who celebrated his 67 th birthday on Nov 6 said in a statement that he is set to release his own metaverse avatar and NFTs in an unspecified time. With this, he has joined Indian celebrates like Amitabh Bachchan and Sunny Leone to launch his own collection of the digital tokens.

What is NFT?
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What all NFTs will be released?

A metaverse game will be released where the actor will have his own world. The game will allow users to interact with Kamal’s avatars.

User will also be able to purchase NFTs.

Which platform will be used?

Fantico – is an India based NFT & fan engagement platform. Fantico allows celebrities to create, buy, sell and transfer NFTs with the security and transparency of the blockchain.The companycurrently has an NFT marketplace running online.

web address https://beta.fantico.io/marketplace

image courtesy Instagram – shrutzhaasan