How to maximize Brave rewards (Basic Attention Token BAT)

For those who don’t know, Brave is the best privacy respected browser available. It has several advanced features that including ad block, tracker protection, a reward system for the browser users and website owners. This article is specifically talks about the basic things that you can do to increase the rewards that you get from brave when browsing.

First of all lets see how we can opt in for the ads.

To enable brave ads you need to click on the three dots and select the “Brave Rewards” option as shown in below image

Now turn on the Ads button, now the Brave browser will start showing you ads (if matching ads are found in their catalog)

Additional Tuning for Receiving maximum ads

There is some additional setting that you can tune that would allow brave to show maximum ads to you and thereby giving you more BAT

Click on the “View Details” link on the Brave Rewards page (refer above image). Now click on the settings icon on the right side on setting text ( see below image)

Now you will see a drop-down from which you can select the number of ads that brave shows to you in an hour. This would decide the frequency of the ads shown to you. More ads you see chances of receiving more BAT tokens are high.

Changing Settings are not enough…

On the Brave support forums “Ads are not shown to me even after opt in to Brave ads” is one of most frequently asked questions.

Brave doesn’t show ads on all the websites

Just like you have opted in to show Brave ads the website owners must also opt in, verify there site for brave ads. This comes to the point that if you spend more time on Brave enabled websites you will see more brave ads.

So use websites that have enabled brave ads.

DuckDuckGo is one of the Brave ads supported search engines. You can start using instaed of Google as your search engine. You can also set this as your default search engine for your convenience.

How to identify other brave ads enabled websites

When you are on a website you can check the address bar to know if the website supports Brave ads or not.

For example supports brave ads and you can see a verified tick mark with brave icon on the addy bar (see the below image)